Steadfast and Silver

In its 25th anniversary year, Teacher Plus continues to celebrate teachers and the work they do across subject areas and at all levels. What began as a germ of an idea, has,in the course of its winding journey, taken on an independent space as a magazine for school teachers with some great writers and a loyal readership. This issue has some of our oldest contributors sharing their association with us and how their own journey has been. Read on to discover some amazing ideas that our teachers are brimming with.

More miles to go

In her review , the author, Gurveen Kaur, has been full of praise for the magazine, the quality and quantity of articles as well as the design. A particular mention has been made about the special issues that could serve as an in -service training handbook for teachers.

What I learnt from Judy Baker

As the first editor of Teacher Plus, the author tells readers what she learnt from Judy Baker, a teacher trainer. From language teaching to grammar games to using stories in a language class, all the ideas stirred curiosity and kindled interest.

Pushing the envelope

Getting better with age, is what one of our contributors, also a parent , says of Teacher Plus. The author has been a consistent friend of Teacher Plus , always learning from the articles presented in the magazine and also offering her own suggestions.

A longish affair

A’ go to’ friend for every teacher who cares is what the author writes about Teacher Plus. A long- time contributor and an educationist in her own right, this brief article by her is worth a read since it tells readers what the journey has been like.

Going beyond the problem

A first- person account of two teachers— one who labelled a child as ‘not capable’ and another, who probed deeper to find out what was wrong with the child. It is your guess as to which teacher won the confidence of the child.

Oh No!

The education system may be several years old, but it may not be perfect. Therefore it is time to question some age-old beliefs and see if fresh perspectives can make it stronger. Here is a wonderful article that is a total turn-around.

In pursuit of beauty… of teaching

From a software engineer to a teacher is the inspiring story of Gaurav Singh, a Fellow of Teach for India who has now founded his own Education Foundation. In this article, he tells his story.

Making the best of tech tools

Where do teachers figure in the technological revolution? How does the invasion of technology into the classroom impact the teacher on a daily basis? Is it time to adapt or perish? This article tries to find answers to some of these questions.

Teaching and learning in the tech age

In many schools, the infrastructure and facilities are frequently modified but what about the beliefs of the school? How often do principals and teachers reassess their teaching and learning methodologies? The author tries to answer some of these questions.