Pictures that teach

Nivedita Vijay Bedadur

Newspapers are a rich resource in that one can find pictures, articles, advertisements which help us learn in different ways. Read how this resource can be used as textual material.

When fingers become cars

Geetha Durairajan

Children often indulge in make-believe games. With an imagination that can transform anything into anything, children can keep themselves occupied for hours together. As they enter the adult world, this imagination or creativity takes a back seat and is not valued. Is organised schooling reponsible for killing this childish trait?

The last frontiers of Why and What

Nandini Nayar
How must parents deal with the incessant questions that a child asks? Should the child be encouraged to ask more questions or should the parent take the easy way out and stop the child from questioning?

The playful process of practice

Gopal Midha
What is practice? What is the magic change that it can bring about? How can it be rescued from turning into a dull and meaningless chore? What do students think about it? Our cover story tries to answer some of these questions and suggests ways in which practice tasks can be restructured.