Standing out in a crowd

Binit Kaur
For young adolescents, school uniforms always tend to evoke extreme reactions. In this article, the writer explores some of the psychological effects that school uniforms have on students —- from creating visible differences to causing a loss of the sense of self to even perpetuating enemity. Read on for an interesting viewpoint.

Thinking beyond uniformity

Seetha Anand
From ties to footwear to fabric and colour and design, here are a few tips for schools when they decide on having a uniform.

Is it about fitting in?

Chintan Girish Modi
A very interesting and different article on the issue of uniforms. Against a background of a short poem, the writer engages readers with a lot of questions that can also be discussed in the classroom. Teachers who follow up on the activities mentioned in this article will find that their time has been well spent.

No leveller this

Diba Siddiqi
Is the school uniform intended to address class differences or does it place children in a regimented setting? Do schools attempt to project their status through their uniforms or do they have a tie-up with a uniform service provider? Here is an attempt to answer these questions.

My uniform and other conflicts

Janu Narayan
School children from different schools across New Delhi and the NCR region share what they like or dislike about their uniforms.

Truly special

S Upendran
The best part of going to school was to hang out with friends playing marbles, cricket and ‘gilli-danda’, not to forget acquiring a new set of uniforms every school year. A fun piece that makes you want to smile.

Uniforms down the ages

Vandana Aggarwal
School uniforms or dress codes remain the preferred manner of clothing in many nations around the world, many of which base their school system on the Western model. Different countries and communities have different approaches to uniforms. The uniform as it is worn today has seen a lot of change over the centuries. What remains constant is that it was present then and it is present now and it is still following its primary principle which is to promote team spirit, discipline and equality among all students. A look at the history of uniforms.