A celebration of exhibits

Madhumita Das

Madhumita shares her experience of coordinating one of the most awaited events in K D Ambani Vidyamandir–the primary school exhibition.

Who am I? An exercise in self-exploration

Steven Rudolph

This Teacher’s Day, Teacher Plus asks you to take a moment or two to reflect and explore yourself. Steven Rudolph has suggestions on how you can go about doing that.

Do we realise…?

Zarin Virji

It’s Teacher’s Day, so we bring you an article about teachers from our archives.

“Come September”

S Upendran

Moving ahead to the month of September–how did this month get its name? What are the important things September is famous for?

Break that stereotype!

Hriday Ranjan

You are probably aware that if you are a teacher, your students have already fit you into a stereotypical profile. It is time that you surprise them by breaking the stereotype.

Markers and moments of change

1829 – The use of English as the medium of instruction, and the training of English-speaking Indians as teachers as conceptualized by Lord Bentinck. Hunter Commission (1882) – highlighted the need for teacher education for the first time. Kothari Commission Read More …

Posts from the past

Over the years, education has undergone a lot of transformation. Today it is more open, allows for a more varied experience and is considered more child-friendly. But what about one of the main pillars of education – the teachers? What Read More …

Slowly but surely

People keen on quality education have been clamouring for change for many years now. While it may appear that their demands are falling on deaf ears, change is actually taking palce albeit slowly.