Making practice work

Divya Choudary ‘Riyaaz’ or practice leads to perfection. There’s obviously some truth to this idea. When you do something often you do get better at it. Sports coaches and music teachers tend to agree. Farooq, a physical education coach, found Read More …

Why I cry

Neerja Singh

A mother’s account of raising girls in the 20th century–there is joy yes, but the joy is always overshadowed by fear, concern, and frustration.

Speak up, be fearless!

Chintan Girish Modi and Sini Santosh Nair

As adults we all have these notions of when children are ready for something and when they are not. Here’s a case of how two teachers were inspired to speak and discuss sexuality when their students asked them some simple and direct questions.

Women, Children, and Shame

Geetha Durairajan

Being ashamed of the naked self–this is one of the first lessons that parents pass on to their children without realizing that they are doing more harm than good by making children aware of ‘shame’.

Outside the gender box

Pawan Singh

Sex is a taboo word for us and perhaps because of this we are also obssessed with it. Let us not keep sex under wraps and leave our children at the mercy of the bad influences in society to understand things about themselves and the opposite sex. Let us start small, be comfortable ourselves and then hold our children’s hands while they cross the line into adulthood.

Sexuality education: why we need it

Ketaki Chowkhani

In India, sexuality education has been restricted to a couple of chapters in the biology textbook. Whether the school or the home, people have been happy to scratch the surface of this important subject and not traverse beyond. It is necessary that schools and homes become progressive and comfortable environments where children can find answers to all their questions without fear and hesitation.