A teacher must be a mentor too

Avneesh Kumar

School teachers are often faced with situations that go beyond the classroom. They have to play the role of a counsellor and mentor to help a child who is having problems either in studies or at home or among friends. Pschycoanalysis may be the right mechanism for the teacher to effectively deal with such children.

The chemistry of nitrogen

Yasmin Jayathirtha

Nitrogen is a colourless, odourless gas and this makes it difficult to conduct experiments or to observe it directly. However, this article explains why it is important to study the chemistry of nitrogen and its compounds.

Engaging with sustainability

Wipro’s effort to integrate sustainability thinking into the core of education saw the birth of a new concept – Earthian. This is a programmme that tries to foster excellence in sustainability thinking and doing among children. This year the programme has been expanded to include analytical as well as literary writings. Read on to find out more.

Caught in a bind? Send an SOS

S Upendran

Teachers must be prepared for all kinds of calamities that may come up either in the classroom or outside it. What can a teacher do? She can either send an SOS or call Mayday. Find out how these expressions came into being.

Of tales and tongues

Jennifer Thomas

Here is an interesting article on why we should celebrate our languages.

Retreat, review, recharge

Sheela Ramakrishnan

As teachers, many of us have often wanted to take time out for ourselves, to indulge in some quiet time, to pull back from the children whom we teach and just think about where we are heading. In our journey as educators, this ‘me time ‘ becomes essential, not only to recharge our batteries but also to become better professionals. Our cover story this month is about how teachers have managed to go on a voyage of self- discovery and personal growth.