What does EVS have to do with me?

AJ Mithra

Should EVS be taught only by Science teachers? This article explains how EVS is a life-oriented subject and any teacher—– maths or economics or language, can teach this subject .

Planning a course in the Arts

Maja Larsson
Read about how a teacher and her students together planned and shaped a course in the Arts and how every student identified a completely individual project for each of themselves. All this in a school in Sweden!

Return of the Diksha Guru

Steven Paul Rudolph
If every child were to be guided by a single teacher who could account for the child’s individual growth, half the problems in education would be solved. Read about Jiva Public School’s initiative in this and how the school’s counsellors have helped to change students’ lives.

Nurturing professional growth

Nivedita Bedadur
How can one bring about awareness among teachers that they need to drive their own growth? How can one support motivated teachers in remote and rural areas? While there are are many initiatives which have impacted small pockets, there are other informal spaces that need to be institutionalised to nurture professional growth and individual enterprise.

Shifting the paradigms of schooling and learning

R S Krishna
This article advocates a shift in the paradigms of learning and schooling where parents are counselled to accept their children for who they are and for the talent that they possess. In a broad sense, economies need to be tailored to suit the educational and cognitive and emotive needs of the masses.

Unexpected outcomes

Sonali Bhatia
Art is enjoyable but it can also be a shared experience with a deeper meaning. Read on to know about this unique Dream Creative Art Programme which uses art to teach life skills to children.

Vacation? What vacation?

S Upendran
Summer vacations are meant to be enjoyed with friends and relatives apart from drawing up a to-do list for all the things you want to do. But things never happen as planned and the routine takes over starting from tackling the water scarcity. This article will certainly lighten up your day.

Time a-ticking

Samina Mishra
An interesting article on how Time can play out in different ways for different people and that children should be able to explore it on their own and arrive at their own understanding of it.