Design, drawings and drums

The writer talks about several art forms and their connect with History. The focus is on the art forms—- music and dance of the south.

More than what meets the eye

The author delineates the various approaches to history and how a study of these can lead to a deeper understanding of reality.

A letter to my children

Lessons that we learn from history are invaluable, yet as a nation and as a world, we seem to be disregarding all that is happening on this planet. In a moving letter, the author seeks to introspect on people’s actions, their indifference and the legacy that they seem to be leaving behind.

A thread of gold

The central feature of this article is that in learning, as in education, the focus must be on the whole person and not on individual capacities, because it is followed by integration. This is reflected in the works of J. Krishnamurti, Gandhi, Aurobindo etc.

An intricate web

This article explains how every scientific endeavour and technological advance is not a story in isolation but is part of a larger story. This , in turn is connected with other narratives of our past, present and future.

How do we build history?

The canvas of history is very large. What constitutes history varies according to the epoch under study, the slice of life being looked at, and the perspective applied to its analysis. Historians work painstakingly through evidence of various kinds to Read More …


History is a subject that has been relegated to the backburner and therefore its teaching has been largely uninspiring. There is a need to restate and rediscover its relevance and the best place to start this is in the classrooms.