Fish watching can be as absorbing a hobby as bird watching and less expensive too. One does not need binoculars or a telescope, just large doses of patience and a love for fish. It is also a good way of getting rid of tension and stress. Geetha Iyer outlines how this interest can be developed, from purchasing an aquarium to watching fish in the wild.

Games in the classroom

Games are fun, challenging and provide entertainment to students. How do they contribute to learning? Children who are involved in learning through games need to be given tasks that are fast, active and exploratory. Read on to find out what the different kinds of games are.

Move it to learn it

The mind-body coordination is absolutely essential for any learning to happen in children. When children take part in kinesthetic activities, they relate to each other in a more beautiful, fundamental and natural way. Here are some activities that will help you make children move.

Did you know?

The United Nations has declared this year, 2011, as the International Year of Forests. The idea is to focus attention on the need to preserve and protect our rapidly declining forest reserves.

Wanted, Prof. Higgins

English holds a very important place in india. So much so, when it is time for the modern, urban girl to choose her partner, apart from other desirable qualities and qualifications, the young girl wants something more —- the Prince Charming has to be fluent in English.

The card-carrying craze

Library cards have a way of conveying the state of libraries across time, space, and cultures. Every card has a tale to tell which will make you sit up and wonder. Usha Mukunda goes down memory lane, talking about her card-carrying days.

Why English matters…

The Andhra Pradesh government’s decision to make English compulsory at the primary level in all government schools has met with a mixed reaction from educationists. While this step may seem for the better, many are sceptical about how well it will be implemented in Andhra Pradesh and across South India. Some of the concerns are whether teachers are adequately trained to teach English and whether the focus on English will take away the importance of other subjects in school.