Hard Decisions

The question that may be at the top of every regular reader’s mind is the increase in the price of the magazine beginning this issue.

What’s in a name?

by S Upendran,

Madras eye, Delhi belly, Oxford blue, Mexican wave, and American dream. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that the first element in the expressions that have been listed is the name of a well-known place…

Listen while you learn

Ratna Rao How does a child learn his native tongue? By listening. The child starts listening, some say, even while in the womb of the mother, to the sounds of the language the mother speaks. Listening is the foundation of Read More …

Sleight of Teaching

by Meghana Rao
Magic in a classroom? Yes! Could there be anything more fascinating? Use magic in the classroom to liven things up, build a rapport and to teach.

Will the sweeping reforms sweep through?

It’s being debated on television, in staff rooms and drawing rooms, and people have a variety of opinions about Union HRD Minister Kapil Sibal’s radical proposal to reform some aspects of school education. At the top of this list is Read More …