Where learning springs from

Aditi Mathur and Ratnesh Mathur

The purpose of life is to have purpose in life.

Learning always lies in individuals, not in institutions. Just because you belong to an institution, it doesn’t necessarily transfer the learning to you. You have to constantly make your own efforts for that learning to happen.

boy-drilling-holes Some of us believe that learning can happen “from” others. But this, as far as I am concerned is a misplaced notion. Learning rarely happens from others. It may happen “because” of others or “through” others, but not from others.

For centuries we have sprawled at a “guru’s feet” thinking learning (or sometimes even enlightenment) will happen. Some of us even keep books under our pillows in the hope that knowledge will flow into our minds. We believe that somebody will “give” us learning. But that’s not true.

Others can only stimulate you – you still need to do.
Others can only show you – you still need to see.
Other can only explain to you – you still need to think.
Others can only bring you to the well – you still need to drink.

Many of us join classes, courses, institutions, and even organizations believing that we will learn.

But unfortunately that doesn’t happen. People go about wearing this degree or the name of the institution on their forehead touting their assumed intellect. A friend once told me, “I am what I am because of the institution I went to.” I told him, “Wrong – you are you because of yourself. A particular piece of earth might be more conducive for a rose to grow but a rose determined to grow will grow even in rocks.”

The key to learning then is work – effort, diligence, and industry.

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