What shall we tell the children?

Imparting a peace orientation

Mini Krishnan

Some may fear World War III
Some may fear growing old and bent
But the future I fear the most
Is a continued present
Christine Pangen (age 15)

The greatest concern of adults is raising the next generation and guiding them by interpreting the world to them. All our plans, the things we put by, our own inheritance whether material, creative or religious, are things we want to pass on. Why? Because we believe they are the really precious things. The moment a child arrives, parental anxieties and ambitions bloom. We graduate in our worries for them. From “Will she sleep through the night – will he survive childhood illnesses – what if she coughs and chokes to death while I’m asleep?” to “Should he be a vegetarian – what languages should she know – what should I tell him about money?” we find ourselves taking hourly decisions on how to raise the children in our care.

The author is Editor Translations, OUP India and Concept/Series Editor, Living in Harmony, an eight Volume Peace and Value Education Programme for Indian Schools. She can be reached at [email protected].

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