Web-based teaching: Realities and remedies

Panamalai R Guruprasad
web-based“What will be taught and learned; how it will be taught and learned; who will make the use of schooling; and the position of the school in society – all of this will change greatly during ensuing decades. Indeed, no other institution faces changes as radical as those that will transform the school.”
-Drucker, P. in Post – Capitalist Society
Harper Business; New York, 1993

In ancient India, knowledge was imparted to students through the spoken word. That is how scriptural, sociological and scientific knowledge was transferred from one generation to the next, long before the Western world dispensed their animal skin costumes. Then came the palm leaves to write on.

During the past century, scientific and technological revolution introduced Over Head Projectors (OHP), 35 mm and 16 mm film projectors, audiotapes, videotapes and the computer. If we look at things from the information and communication technology perspective, the knowledge base on which a person can rely seems to be inversely proportional to the size of the technological gadget! We can see it very clearly from the continually decreasing size of communication devices.

The author is currently a freelance writer and has formerly been the Technical Advisor to the Ministry of Eduation, Youth and Sports, Government of Cambodia. He can be reached at [email protected].

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