Using The Blackboard

Lucy Pereira

black board
Today, teachers are so engrossed in finding new teaching aids that the blackboard has been completely forgotten. Even as schools use different kinds of teaching aids like flip charts or television or computers, the blackboard remains an essential teaching instrument. For many schools, especially in the remote areas, the blackboard is the only teaching aid. The blackboard, unlike our computers, does not have any mechanical faults. And the best thing is that nobody can steal it. The blackboard is always available to a teacher – a trustworthy friend.

It’s sad that the blackboard these days is used only to write the date and the subject being taught. While textbooks provide information, there is nothing more boring than simply reading that information out aloud in class. This is where the blackboard can complement the textbooks. Children need plenty of visual images to enhance their interest and learning. A teacher need not be an artist, a quick simple drawing is better than a long explanation. As you draw, keep talking to the children in your class about what you are drawing or what will follow next, otherwise the children will get bored.

The blackboard is one of the oldest teaching aids, but it can still be used in a number of ways. It can be the window to the outside world.

The writer teaches at Bombay Cambridge School, Andheri, Mumbai.

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