Travelling Toys

Aditi Ghosh

June 2007

Children, especially those within seven or eight years of age, do not generally travel alone and are, therefore, unaware of things required on such occasions. They depend almost wholly upon adults. This article intends to provide children with some ‘travel education’ of sorts and instill in them a sense of responsibility. This may sound like a Herculean task, but it can be done using playthings as the means. Stuffed toys (teddy bears may be convenient) that carry immense appeal for children can be used to make them conscious of what goes into “travelling”. Here are some steps that can be taken by the teacher to impart travel education to a child.

To begin with, the teacher can divide the children in the class into small groups. Each group has to have its own Toy Pack consisting of a stuffed toy, a backpack, story books, night clothes and toothbrush. Each child of every group can be asked to take the Teddy home for a night and take care of it, e.g. feed him, take him on visits, wash his paws and face, brush his teeth, etc. The teacher can also send a note to the child’s parents/guardians asking them to encourage and supervise the child’s activities with the Teddy at home and outside.

Extracted from Teacher Plus (May-June 1999)

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