Here are some collective nouns used to describe animals when they gather in large numbers. Have fun!

1. A group of alligators is a __________.
pack; colony; gathering; congregation

2. What is the name for a group of owls?
company; parliament; watch; passel

3. A group of frogs is called a(an) ___________.
army; gang; herd; aerie

4. What is the name for a group of cockroaches?
seige; clutter; intrusion; horde

5. What would you call a a group of turkeys?
rafter; bale; flock; gang

6. One of the names for a group of cats is _______.
clutter; sleuth; army; colony

7. A group of crows is called a __________.
pack; band; murder; cowardice

8. A group of squirrels is called a _____________.
knot; dray; nest; pod

9. A group of hyenas is called a __________.
party; band; troop; cackle;

10. What is the name for a group of turtles?
herd; bale; wing; raft

11. What would you call a group of doves?
dule; cast; charm; tribe

12. What is the name for a group of raccoons?
spring; team; school; nursery

13. What is the name for a group of wild boars?
chain; swarm; sounder; pack

14. A group of giraffes?
tower; bloat; husk; band

15. A group of hippopotamuses?
drift; brood; troop; bloat

16. What about lizards if they gather together?
richness; plague; mob; lounge

17. And if we have many hummingbirds together?
charm; flock; leap; flight

Match the birds with the sounds they make
1. Chickens a) scream
2. Eagles b) titter
3. Nightingales c) talk
4. Parrots d) peep, cackle
5. Swallows e) whistle
6. Blackbirds f) pipe; warble

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