The whys and hows are important

EZ Vidya

One wonders what Bob Dylan had in mind when he wrote and sang, “The times they are a changin”, back in 1963. Whatever he was thinking, he probably wasn’t thinking of schools. But those words may not be out of context for the young men and women of this generation who are seeing radical changes they had never imagined taking place in schools today. Social isolation

When we look at our own country, we see schools mushrooming everywhere, each one claiming to provide the best education, each vying to attract the new age parent. Phrases like ‘student friendly’, and ‘child centric’ have almost become passé. Where teachers were once revered and believed to be the ‘know all’, today, they are being called ‘facilitators’, and in some ways rightly so. The legendary cane that some of us remember from The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn has all but disappeared! And last but not the least, technology has entered our schools in a big way.

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