The times how they change!

We’ve often heard that the more things change, the more they stay the same. But when we look at the world inhabited by our children, it’s difficult to agree with that.

Each generation experiences the world differently – our coordinates are different, the language we use is different. Let’s take a reality check and see what these differences could be.

See if you spontaneously agree or disagree with these statements and … compare your answers with those of your friends and colleagues, and then ask your students and children for their responses. All in a spirit of wondering!

Ever since I have known –

  1. Milk has come in packets and cartons.
  2. Cricket has been telecast live.
  3. Bottled water has been available.
  4. There has been news on television.
  5. Post is something you do on blogs.
  6. The front page of the newspaper has had a colour picture.
  7. Friendship day has existed.
  8. The island to the south of India is called Sri Lanka.
  9. The main station in Mumbai is called Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus.
  10. The Khans of Bollywood are Salman, Aamir and Shahrukh.
  11. Message has been used as a verb.
  12. Babies have worn disposable diapers.
  13. Relatives have died/lived in senior citizens’ homes.
  14. I have eaten boxed cereal for breakfast.
  15. I can talk to or see a person with the press of a button.
  16. Online shopping has been a way of life.
  17. Vacations have nothing to do with visiting relatives.
  18. Education has always been child-centric.
  19. Heart attacks and diabetes are something that only old people contract.
  20. Money could be drawn from automated machines.

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