The classroom in the community

Suma Vivekanandan

students-doing-project-work Every town, whether rural or urban, has buildings and places that exist for the benefit of the community. Libraries, parks, places of worship, hospitals, town halls, sports centres, theatres… all have the potential to make learning exciting for students. Learning outside the classroom is an enjoyable experience for every child and they all make positive contributions to the learning exercise. I’d like to share my experience of working with students outside the classroom.

The idea
I decided to do a project on “My geometrical town” with the students.

To recapitulate the geometrical concepts that students learnt.
• Parallel lines
• Perpendicular lines
• Intersecting lines
• Geometrical shapes – polygons
• Angles – acute, right, obtuse, straight, reflex, and complete angle
• Area and perimeter

• Students were taken outside the classroom.
• They were made to sit in a circle.
• The place we chose to sit was adjacent to a road from where students could see three roads.
• I explained and showed them what parallel roads meant.

The author has been working as a teacher in Atul Vidyalaya, Atul for the last 23 years. She has a passion for teaching mathematics to primary students. She received the “Star innovator award” given by The Progressive Teacher magazine in 2015. She can be reached at

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