Telling it with puppets

Seetha Anand

Puppet The kindergarten years, which are the formative years of childhood, are ideal for children to acquire learning skills such as concentration, comprehension, development of language, belief in values, emotional strength and perseverance. These are all tools that later help complex learning in both academics and life. A comprehensive curriculum in kindergarten would offer time and scope for developing these skills. Ideally, time should be set apart every day for story time. Puppet shows are a good way of telling a story and can be planned once or twice a month.

Puppet shows help in developing and strengthening creativity, imagination and comprehension in children. Children below the age of six live in their imagination. This needs to be cherished. They need to be awakened gently and led calmly towards reality and not pushed into it all of a sudden. Cherishing the dreaminess of children is thus an important task of the kindergarten teacher!

Seetha Anand is a paediatric counsellor and teacher trainer. She can be reached at [email protected].

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