Story time

Suchitra Reddy

Getting children to think up stories is not difficult – if we let the child choose what to write about! Unguided writing can help unleash a child’s imagination and creativity, and if the adult plays the role of facilitator when needed, the child can come up with quirky – and interesting – tales that use a variety of sentence patterns, words in unusual combinations, and of course, plots that would never have emerged from an adult mind! Both teachers and parents can encourage children to explore their ideas in this manner. This article by a parent describes how one such freewheeling exercise ended up producing two tales with their own twists!

Most young children have a vivid imagination, and quite a few have imaginary friends that they talk to. Many also have whole imaginary worlds. So why not encourage them to share these with their peers and friends and help them express themselves in writing?

The author is a parent who is interested in education and innovative ways of teaching. She can be reached at [email protected]

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