Shaping learning in mathematics

Rashmi Kathuria

cubes The teaching and learning of mathematics is an art. Somebody once rightly said, “One extra step taken by a teacher to help students can make a difference in their lives.” Ever since I joined the teaching profession, I have been exploring and experimenting with new strategies of teaching mathematics. I have come to realise that students are not able to visualise mathematical concepts in a classroom as greater stress is laid on solving problems using formulae. This approach makes the subject less interesting. As a teacher, I believe visualisation of geometrical representation of formulae is equally important to learn and understand mathematics.

During my journey of exploring new ways of learning mathematics, I learned to use unit cubes creatively with my students and I would like to share my experiences with you.

What is a unit cube?
A unit cube is a manipulative tool made from plastic or wood of a 1x1x1 dimension. It’s important that each of the cubes is exactly the same size.

The author is a P.G.T. (Mathematics) and teaches at the Kulachi Hansraj Model School, New Delhi. She can be reached at

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