Ready, get set, animate

Sujata C

These are exciting times to be a teacher. Technology has made sweeping changes in the way we teach and learn. A very competitive world lies ahead for our children and it is important that what they learn in school is impactful and long lasting. Educational methodologies continue to evolve with new technology coming in and teachers must make the most of digital technologies available to them in order to do justice to their profession.

mickey-mouse I see, I remember: We know how valuable visual aids are to learning. Research has proven that visual processing comes easily to the brain since most of it occurs in the frontal cortex which is dedicated to vision. Animation goes a step further; as Walt Disney said, it can bring pleasure and information to people of all ages everywhere in the world.

Children love animated cartoon shows. They easily grasp the entire story plot and replay it with their friends long after they have seen the show. Animation is one of the factors that aids comprehension and recall, according to experts. Research also shows that children learn best when they are enjoying themselves. It is logical then to believe that animated lessons make for deep learning. Animation also comes in as a handy tool when you have a difficult topic to teach.

How you design the lesson and the learning experience makes the difference. High quality education curriculum is being delivered by international schools. The learning is interactive, practical and application based. But not all schools have the infrastructure to support the delivery of high quality education and many teachers may feel deprived – like a child staring at a shop full of yummy delicacies and not being able to eat any of them.

Luckily, software development has advanced so rapidly in the last decade that animation is no longer a resource of Hollywood filmmakers. It is within the reach of every interested user. There is an urgent need for teachers to get into the learning mode and upskill themselves in order to stay relevant to the times. How about some capacity building during the summer break? Replace that chalk and duster with the mouse and keypad.

But why should I have to create my own videos, some of you might ask. Many teachers may be reluctant to try something new because they are afraid of the steep learning curve. Technology is always advancing much faster than us and it takes some effort to keep up with it; those who have an open mind and are not afraid of failure are the ones who end up winning. If you embrace technology, you can grow with it and win with it.

Like any other teaching tool, animation works for any subject. You can add to this list.


Animation and the science teacher can’t do without one another. Check out this link to see how some educators have used animation to work for them.

Animation is great for explaining concepts that are not visible to the eye like photosynthesis, earthquakes, weather systems, etc.

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