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The picture tells it all

Proma Basu Roy
Have you come across books without words and having just pictures? Try and acquire one of these books and you will realize how reading a wordless picture book will give you immense joy, making your visual experience seem boundless. In most books, illustrations and pictures were always considered an add-on, but in these books, you will find that the pictures form an independent narrative. It goes without saying that these books act as a catalyst for immersing children into the world of books. Here are some activities that teachers can try out with these books.

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Word pictures

Meena Raghunathan

Reading is still a challenge for many children. If they read, understanding what they are reading is the next challenge. This is where visualization comes in handy. Creating images in your mind as you are reading is a wonderful way to understand the text. Here are some tips and suggestions on how you can help your students create word pictures of what they are reading.

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Little tours in mathland

S N Gananath
The NCF 2005 mandates that an important objective of the math curriculum is the promotion of problem solving skills. Every creative teacher should be able to pass on this skill to her students so that they can experience and enjoy problem solving. Here are some activities that teachers can try out in their class.

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The power of estimation

Sandhya Singh

Estimation is an important area of study in primary school. It is a skill that comes to our aid all through our lives and that is why before you introduce formal measurements in class here are a few activities to help enhance your students’ estimation skills.

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