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March 2014, Math Speak »

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Monica Kochar

Tangrams–a simple 7 piece puzzle but a wonderful teaching aid. Learn how you can use tangrams to as a teaching aid.

January 2014, Math Speak »

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Monica Kochar

Normally a teacher gives lectures in class and then asks children to do some work at home to reinforce the learning. How will it be if a teacher decided to flip this process?

Math Speak, October 2013 »

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Monica Kochar
Art is an excellent medium to curb the fear of math. This article focuses on geometry and art and helps students with multiple facets of math— from knowledge of shapes to skills in using geometrical properties and construction of shapes.

Cover Story, September 2013, Teacher's Day Special »

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Posts from the past

Over the years, education has undergone a lot of transformation. Today it is more open, allows for a more varied …

August 2013, Math Speak »

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Monica Kochar

During the teacher training sessions that I conduct, whenever I ask the teachers to tell me an area they struggle with to teach the students, invariably the answer is, “Solving word problems”. Their query is – “Is there a method to this madness that works with most problems?”

November 2012, Resources »

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Monica Kochar
This article outlines a few ways in which English can be used to learn Math. Students who have a good vocabulary find ways to express their understanding of the subject without the use of symbols.

April 2012, Resources »

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Monica Kochar
When it comes to integrating technology in teaching subjects, students are very focussed and are fully engaged in their own learning. The teacher becomes a facilitator and in engaging with the students, manages to pick up a lot of new skills. This article gives a glimpse into how maths learning through technology became a fun-filled session.

Cross-currents, May - June 2009 »

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Monica Kochar
I am a math teacher but I have always loved poetry. My interest in these two very different subjects made me wonder if I could bring them together in my classes.

March 2009, Notes from a Teacher's Diary »

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Monica Kochar

A child for us is usually ‘good in my subject’ or ‘bad in my subject’. We fail to see that this is only one facet of the multi personality that the person is.

Cover Story, September 2009 »

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Interested in finding out what teachers do after they finish their day at school? Read this special feature that has five teachers talking about their lives after school hours.