Nature as our teacher

Seetha Anand Vaidyam

resources An educational compact disc that hopes to be a teacher aid material for environmental studies is at the very first glance a welcome relief since we do not have easily available Indian material on the subject. Environmental Studies is a subject that cannot be ignored anymore. Everyday there are reports on the environmental degeneration that is taking place. A recent report even said that ecological pollution was a greater threat to mankind than terrorism. This being the state of affairs, environmental studies has become the subject that students should learn. Yes, several schools have already included it in their syllabus. There are also textbooks available, but one look at these textbooks will tell you that these books only have theoretical knowledge to offer. The lessons are written in such a way as to provide answers to the questions asked at the end of every lesson rather than provoke creative thinking and inspire students to take up measures to preserve the environment and combat pollution.

Forests Alive! is a study of the Biligiri Ramaswamy Temple (BRT) wildlife sanctuary and the Soligas who live there. The CD was designed for dual purposes – one to preserve the culture and age-old wisdom and practices of the soliga tribe and two to serve as educational material for teachers teaching environmental studies.

The author is a paediatric counsellor and teacher trainer. She can be reached at [email protected].

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