More Creative Strategies


More Creative Strategies
Innovative ideas in any field are always appreciated. I am always trying and working on new ideas and methods of teaching and learning mathematics. It’s a pleasure to share with you that in the July issue of Teacher Plus, I came across a very interesting article “Eventful learning” by Dr. Lalit Kishore. I found the author’s suggestion of integrating daily life events with the learning of the subject unique. In mathematics, the students are not able to visualise the three dimensional mathematics. In this article, a net for making a truncated icosahedron is given which may be used for making a 3 dimensional football.

I really appreciate this idea.

I have a suggestion for Teacher Plus. It will be nice if there is a section for sharing creative strategies for learning mathematics. Through this platform, teachers may share their mathematics activities and projects.

Rashmi Kathuria
PGT (Mathematics)
Kulachi Hansraj Model School
Ashok Vihar, New Delhi.

Spoken English
A kid returning from his school said, “Mom, I will not go to school tomorrow.”
“But why my son?” asked the mother.
“Teacher asked me to stand up on the bench for the present. But she did not give me one and asked me to go home.”
The phrase ‘for the present’ denotes time, i.e., a short while, but the kid having limited vocabulary and understanding interpreted the word ‘present’ as a gift.
Let us look at another example. An illiterate lady enquires about re-charge coupons for her cell phone, “Kya mere phone mein balance dal denge?”
She perhaps heard someone at home saying that there was no balance left so he/she couldn’t make a call. With little understanding of the language, she mistook ‘balance’ as a device to help her operate her phone.
One more example – everyone in India, no matter what their caste, colour, level of education and knowledge, asks for a hot cup of tea and not a cup of hot tea.
Herein lies the need for teachers too to improve not only their spoken English skills but also their written English.

Mohan Lal Mago
Member (Working Group)
Central Institute for Vocational Educator (NCERT)
132-A, Pocket-I
Mayur Vihar-I, Delhi 110091

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