Marking Time

Our project this issue deals with a theme that can be studied right from standard I to advanced levels of research. High school teachers may like to upgrade some of the ideas and apply the facts given to suit their own students. A special section orienting teachers to the topic precedes the actual discussion. Once you have gone through this, you can go directly to the sections that apply to your students.


Many years ago, I was a participant in an EVS (Environmental Studies) workshop at Mumbai conducted by Mr. Evans of the British Council. He asked all of us to close our eyes and raise one finger when we felt that one minute had passed. Wisely he didn’t tell us how many of us were far off the mark but this shows us that a sense of time and duration is difficult to understand and acquire. However the importance of ‘time’ cannot be denied as the smooth running of our lives, and our transactions with others depends on an accepted measure of time. Time, therefore, is harder to do than topics like air, water, homes or clothes. It is because of this that some points have been put down for teachers to think about before planning the topic.

This project first appeared in the September-October, 1992 issue of Teacher Plus and was written by Janaki Iyer.

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