Making towards a vision

Hridaykant Dewan

A school is a complex entity. It is a place where children get oriented, prepared and empowered for life. However, for the children, it also needs to mirror a vision of the future that is filled with hope. We need to understand that whenever we talk about a school and what it is worth, it has to be in this context. A school can be satisfied with what it is doing only when it is able to ensure that all those who come to it, live and grow with a vision of a democratic and humane society and are full of hope about themselves and where they can go.


Now, however, this mirror only reflects what the society has to offer – the positive and the negative aspects. Usually it is not a place that encourages independence, the ability to make choices, develop respect for the other, even those weaker or very different or living on the edge, build confidence in learning, in relating and in sharing. All these are aspects that are valuable to a school in order to create confident and sensible individuals, but unfortunately, this does not happen.

The author has been working with Vidya Bhawan society for the last 15 years. He can be reached at [email protected].

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