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Ayesha Das

I have long admired Teacher Plus and feel quite chuffed that I have been offered a column to myself. Please do read it or I may get a “Dear John” letter saying I’ve been dumped!

The Primary School is at the core of whole education system, anywhere in the world. The better our primary school, the better will be the school leaving performance, not to be mention the prowess of the university graduates.

I should like this column to be interactive – ‘have your say’ is the newest slogan on many TV channels. Teacher Plus (and the Primary school) would like to put it in writing. We need to discuss, to exchange ideas, to give an opinion and to keep an open mind, willing to experiment, and improve on a present ‘favourite’ activity, or when adopting an idea from elsewhere.

ask-and-answerThe Three R’s (Reading, Riting, Rithmetic) will be the main thrust of the column, but at the centre of the whole proceeding will be the child. Teacher Plus may be able to offer tailor-made courses for the teacher in the future…

It seems a busy schedule is ahead of us. The more I think of it, the more I am sure we will be burning the midnight oil to ensure that each child will benefit from the teacher who reads Teacher Plus.

The centre of the school system is definitely the child – the V.I.P. But who makes it all happen? YOU! You need to be alert, alive and well, full of energy, rarin’ to go, and above all, child-friendly.

We can discuss the classroom and how to make it work for you…we can exchange ideas about handwriting – print, cursive, patterns, blank paper, lined paper, and what about spelling and pronunciation?

Self-assessment is a good thing to do: we could perhaps devise a Teacher Plus evaluation system. We have ideas on motivation, and the benefits (or otherwise) of rewards and punishments, incentives and learning-by-doing.

The wonderful thing about Teacher Plus is that it gives importance to the meaning of education, and makes an effort to keep the programme relevant and meaningful. Learning should be fun and we use the Theme method, EVS, the Language Experience Approach, determined to put practical implementation into educational jargon.

Perhaps we could start with the kind of teacher you should /could be? I look forward to our time together.

Ayesha Das is a teacher educator at Teachers’ Centre, Loreto House, Kolkata.

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