Making powerful points

Aditi Mathur, Ratnesh Mathur, and Vidya Samudrala

The best way to learn is to teach! Children love to share, to show, to explain and to exhibit – to peers. This is what PowerPoint (Microsoft) or Impress (open office) is all about. With pictures, diagrams, animations, funky text et al – slide shows are an educator’s dream come true in terms of “engagement” and a child’s delight.

When this technology entered the classroom, many teachers got excited with its potential and took to making their own (subject) presentations. While this is excellent – slowly teachers have realized that the presentation tool is actually more potent in the hands of children. So all the teacher needs to do is to sit back and enjoy – while the children sweat it out and in the process learn in dollops.

The authors run Geniekids, a learning centre in Bangalore that works with children. To know more about their work visit

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