Making a project work

Usha Raman

project-1 These pages have, for the past decade and more, carried a variety of projects on a wide range of topics. We at Teacher Plus thought it was time we stepped back a bit from the subject of the project and took a look at the project itself – why it is important, how should it be used, and what is the best way to approach it.

They are supposed to be fun; they are supposed to be stimulating and interesting; and they are supposed to lead to a multitude of learning opportunities. But more often than not, they turn out to be too much work for the teacher, precious time away from regular lessons, and a lot of extra work for parents and children who end up gaining little more than pretty scrapbooks out of the exercise. The project has been a much-misunderstood and, for the most part, poorly implemented educational tool. Parents complain about the amount of time spent on an activity they do not see as having any direct academic benefit, and teachers end up feeling tired, disillusioned, and with little motivation to begin the whole exercise all over again.

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