Life and learning at the Bigha School

KanuPriya Chatterji

Little Did I Know –
“Earlier I thought that being a teacher means giving classes, correcting copies, and a few other similar things. Now I realise that not only how much the child has learned, but whether s/he has worms in her stomach, or has her/his nails cut to whether her/his parents are fighting at home or even what they are growing in their fields has become my headache.” Arun Sain from Vikramshila School, Burdwan.

Studying in a library
Studying in a library
The truth about this statement is apparent to anyone who has been a teacher. A teacher’s interaction with his student goes beyond the classroom. A child’s life outside the classroom plays an integral role in how the child reacts to what she encounters within the classroom. To make education meaningful and relevant to a child then, the teacher has to make close connections between what happens in the classroom and what the child experiences outside it; the teacher has to bring the child’s home and school together and interlink the values that each represents to the child.

The author works for Wipro Applying Thoughts in Schools. This article was written while she was working with Vikramshila. She can be reached at [email protected].

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