Let your imagination flow

Sheela Ramakrishnan and Rajika Dhiren

butterfly Teacher Plus has been as a mantra talking about the project method to deliver content in the classroom as a means of tapping into the innate resources of the child and also to make the classroom a stimulating place.

Some of the reasons that some practitioners give for not being able to implement the project method is the heavy syllabus and the classroom numbers. Recognising and appreciating these concerns, we started with the August issue this year, sample “webs”, a series of stories which have guidelines on how to link further to different subjects. The first story “Happy and the We landers” talked about how to live in harmony in the midst of diversity, along with which, were given pointers on how to link it to various subjects. Taking this further and realising the need for teachers to have an “instant pill”, we bring you this month yet, another story “Dr. Happy goes camping” (see poster) in a delightful narrative that reiterates the need to believe in ourselves and realise our uniqueness. We have then gone on to give some detailed exercises on linking it with the various subjects. The topics and levels are approximately at the class 3-4 level.

The authors are partners in Edcraft, Hyderabad, a firm engaged in making teaching-learning materials, conducting workshops and providing consultancy services. They can be reached at [email protected].

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