Infusing the spirit of democracy

Sujata C

When was the last time we saw a multitude of Indian men and women lose their individual selves and come together as one nation – at the cricket stadium? The whole country erupts with joy when India wins and the gloom is palpable when we lose. The India fever grips us only in the cricket season. This time the IPL tournament and the General Elections are running parallel so our sense of nationhood gets a piggy back ride. Why not use this opportunity to get students thinking about this important event in a democracy’s life?


India is the world’s largest democracy. It is gearing up for the 15th General Elections in its independent existence of 61 years. The exercise of franchise by all eligible citizens is at the heart of a democracy. By exercising this right we have the power to shape the destiny of our country. Yet a majority of Indians choose to stay away from this political process. In the 14 general elections conducted so far the voter turnout according to the Election Commission of India, has averaged between 55-63%. Experts say the majority of the non participants are urban, educated and rich. So why don’t they vote?

The author is a freelance writer based in Hyderabad. She can be reached at [email protected].

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