Happy under the ocean

Sheela Ramakrishnan and Rajika Dhiren

happy Happy decided to go diving in the ocean. The seagulls in the blue sky cried out to say “bye” as he plunged into the blue waters. Down, down he went… why it was like another world! Happy was excited to see a “school” – a group of fish swimming together. He looked around the ocean bed in amazement. There were oysters, corals, seashells of all shapes and sizes and sea plants of all kinds and… there was a shipwreck too! How exciting! Happy decided to explore. As he swam closer, he heard voices, “I can’t do it. I am not strong enough. I am so sorry, Starry.” Happy went closer and saw Kid-pouch the sea-horse, talking to his friend Starry. Starry the starfish was entangled in the seaweeds, and one of his arms was caught tightly under the shipwreck. He just couldn’t free himself. Kid-pouch was looking on helplessly, unable to help his friend. Wriggly, the octopus and Glides the fish were also there. “Here, let me try, “said Wriggly. He pulled and pushed Starry’s arm, but it was too tightly jammed. “Here, let me try,” said Glides. She too tried to push hard with her fins, but it was of no use. Starry was well and truly caught.

“Oh! What shall we do?” cried all of them in despair. “We can’t leave Starry like this. Sharko will be on his rounds and he is sure to gobble all of us up. We have tried our best, but we just cannot save Starry!” Happy swam up to them and said, “Friends , each one of you has done his best. But, how about all of us doing our best together? I am sure if we do that, we can save Starry. Let’s work together.” They all looked at him doubtfully. “Come on, hurry up! Sharko will be on his rounds soon!”

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