Happy meets the Aliens

Sheela Ramakrishnan and Rajika Dhiren

happy Happy didn’t know where he was. He saw some strange creatures walking around him. “Who are you?” asked Happy. “We are the Aliens. We are getting ready to invade a beautiful planet called Earth. “Oh dear! That’s where I live,” said Happy. “Why do you want to invade it?” “Look down, and you will soon know why,” they said. Happy looked down anxiously on Earth through the special telescope that they gave him.

Happy’s dear friend Drip-drop, the water drop was very very sick. He had become very tiny and was almost disappearing from the rivers, lakes and seas. People all over Planet Earth were suffering. They did not have water to drink or wash nor to water the fields to grow food. “You see, the people on Planet Earth are very careless with Drip-drop” said the Alien. “They waste Drip-drop when he is healthy by letting him flow uselessly through leaking taps or while washing and bathing. Otherwise, they make him sick by throwing all kinds of things in his home in the seas and lakes. Chemicals from factories and waste material thrown by people has made Drip-drop sick and now everybody is in trouble.”

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