Happy at the circus

Sheela & Rajika
Sheela Ramakrishnan and Rajika Dhiren

The circus was in town and it always made Happy feel excited. It was a bright and sunny day. Happy set out for a walk to meet his circus friends. Suddenly he heard voices and saw Sultan the lion, Frisky the clown and Patch the giraffe talking very seriously. “I wish I could jump through the ring perfectly,” said Sultan. “I hate to disappoint the children watching me. But everytime something goes wrong.” “I know how you feel. I have been wanting to make the children laugh at my new trick, but I just can’t get it right,” said Frisky. Patch also thought awhile. “… and I must kick the ball well. Every day I take care but I still miss the kick. It is not perfect. The people feel so sad.” “How right you are! I understand. We all feel the same!” said Frisky.

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