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Shailendra Gupta

match-sticks Children love playing or doing activities that involve motor skills. While teaching we can think of many activities and games related to the topic we are dealing with, which will be both stimulating and involve thinking and problem solving.

  • The 16 Sticks Game: This is an excellent game to develop problem solving skills, social skills, imagination and planning. This game will work well for classes 3 to 8, but any age group could enjoy the game.

Things you will need: 16 sticks of 2 to 4 cm each, we can use match sticks or neem twigs for the game.
Number of Players: Two
How to play: Let the two players sit face to face. In the middle arrange the 16 sticks as shown in the figure. This is just one way to arrange the sticks between the players. You can arrange them in any way you like, the only criterion is that they should be laid out in the space between the players.

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