post-box Oasis in the desert
I find Teacher Plus an oasis in the desert. The articles, especially, on classroom teaching are fun, practical and informative.

It would be good if we could succeed in mobilizing teachers to voice their concerns about the difficulties they face and have a kind of an expert panel to address their issues, maybe even mobilise opinion for bringing about change.

Zenobia Rustomfram, Hyderabad.

Happy beginnings
Congratulations! it is really great that Teacher Plus will now be a monthly. I appreciate your great publication and its quality content. I wish you all success in your new venture.

Dheeraj Mehrotra, Lucknow.

Very refreshing
I am not a teacher but I have been reading Teacher Plus for the past six years. It has helped me as a parent. Here was something that gave me the collective wisdom of a community that was passionate about education. I have looked forward to every issue of the magazine and I was able to salvage my son’s childhood before it was hijacked by the system.

I preserve all the copies of the magazine and share them with other parents whose children are indifferent students or are victims of an ailing system. Teacher Plus has a great future and I am happy it is going monthly. May its circulation figures grow by leaps and bounds!

C. Sujata, Hyderabad.

Fascinating product
It is great to hear that Teacher Plus will now be available monthly. I think yours is a fascinating product. Wish more teachers would get a chance to read it!

Frederick Noronha, Goa.

A comprehensive education
I have known Teacher Plus for about seven years now, and have often contributed to it. This is a magazine that upholds the values of comprehensive education (not merely academic) and views the needs of students with reverence. But I had underestimated its reach until recently, when I got a mail from one of the readers (a teacher in Good Shepherd’s School, Nandyal, Kurnool, A.P.), asking me to conduct a workshop in their school. I felt truly humbled by the fact that my article was read, and that teachers had tried to implement its contents. Thank you, Teacher Plus.

Seetha Anand Vaidyam, Hyderabad.

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