forumQuality material
I have been an ardent reader of Teacher Plus. The format and the quality of the articles have been getting better and better over the years and I am extremely happy to compliment you for the progress. One cannot help but appreciate progress and hence this letter.

Prof. Louis Vernal, Goa

Thank you
I am happy to share that my article ‘To know is to be’ in the February 2010 issue of Teacher Plus got me some highly complimentary responses from past students as well as colleagues in the Theory of Knowledge group. I am delighted to have a chance to focus and get ideas down on paper at this stage of my life.

Kamakshi Balasubramaniam, Mysore

Inspiring new experiences
The article ‘Online teaching: the inside story’ which appeared in the December 2009 issue of Teacher Plus was a very interesting article. The article, in fact, has created an urge in me to try my hand at online teaching. However, with articles like this it will be good if you can also provide additional information which will help readers like me to experience something new. In this case, I would have liked more information about online teaching programmes, how one can begin teaching online, whether one has to register somewhere, etc.

Jaishankar Ojha, Mumbai

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