September issue, a treat to read
ForumThe Teacher’s Day special in the September issue is superb. The whole idea is that we are learners too, and we learn from our colleagues in the same profession. I have really enjoyed reading the personal views of the teachers and how they make the children happy in the class and remain happy themselves too.

It is true that children these days prefer watching television or going out, but reading still remains a hobby that gives the reader immense pleasure. Parents do need to develop the habit of reading in children right from the beginning. All kinds of books are available these days… for boys and girls, from mystery, adventure, educational, fairy tales, real-life stories… a vast collection and we have to make sure our children choose the best and enjoy reading.

Madhu Kapoor, (via email).

Valuable content

The article “Peeling off shyness” that appeared in your August 2009 issue is extremely valuable. Being a shy person, I found in the article tips that I could use to overcome my shyness when I am amidst people. Can you publish similar articles that will help you improve your language skills and communicate better?

Mohan Ram, (via email).


Dear readers

Please note that from this issue onwards posters and worksheets will be pinned with the issue. They will not be separate pull-outs.

Inviting contributions
Technology in its various forms has infiltrated every aspect of our professional, personal and social lives. In this issue of Teacher Plus, we examine how technology plays a role in education – both from the perspective of the facilitator (the teacher) and the learner. How does it change the way we do things in the classroom and learn both inside and outside school? How can it be used in a way that serves our needs, rather than make us a slave to it?

Tell us about your ideas about and experiences with technology – computers, electronics, toys, display devices, and such – in and out of the classroom. What are your concerns and your expectations, your fears and your hopes, when faced with technology?

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