Picture perfect
Our compliments for the excellent cover design. The tiny palms on the cover of the October issue speak volumes which we teachers and parents need to understand.

The article ‘Come into my parlour’ was simply superb and informative.

Do keep up the good work.

Tapan Das & Nagarajan, Hyderabad

Appeal to parents

I have been a regular reader and promoter of your wonderful magazine for the past many years.

I would like to share with your worthy readers a poem, which is meant for those parents, who insist their kids study what they do not want to and because of the pressure, the children end up being frustrated and depressed. It is a plea to parents to allow their children to be free and let them run their own show. The only thing parents can do is to monitor their children, counsel them and motivate them and see the positive results.

Dad! For God’s sake
Don’t ask for Math.
The more I practice
The more I slip
in my calculations
And counting.

My teacher comes
Sounding like Copernicus
To our class.
Takes his board
And starts teaching
like Pythagoras
To such disciples
Who do know the names
Of superstars of Maths –
Arya Bhatt, Ramanujam,
Pythagoras and Copernicus.

Oh Dad, you say
For making a career
Physics is important
And Maths is a must
But for both
My heart says No! No!
Dad let me try my hand
At painting ‘Monalisa’ and
Monarchs, the butterflies
And also let me
Try to paint such landscapes,
which have never been painted by any artists
Of the past or present.
Please, Dad, cooperate
Let my wish
Be fulfilled.
Oh no, dear child, you say
Do what you wish
But give my aspirations
And expectations some heed

My dear child,
Your days
Are crucial ones –
Calculated and stipulated.
Make every move
With prudence.
Besides, follow the motto
‘Honesty is the best policy’.
Dear child! never submit
Till you win your war.

S. I. M. Jafri, Librarian, The Aditya Birla Public School (Formerly DPS)
Adityapuram, Chittorgarh, Rajasthan

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