Articles of note
I read the editorial, ‘A hard look at soft skills’ with deep interest. I have been a school teacher for more than two decades and have always enjoyed the talk and laughter of children in school. But I often find teachers shouting at the top of their voice to get the children to keep quiet with the result that the teaching-learning process gets strained and noisy. Living in noisy surroundings can lead to several illnesses. So a rethink on soft skills is imperative today. Soft skills are healthy; let us tell our kids that.

I also quite liked the article ‘Dealing with year end tension and exams!’ by Suchitra Reddy. The author cites the case of her son simply copying from the internet to complete his projects. I completely agree with the author that in this IT world of quick and easy access, children fail to process the information they copy. Thank you for sharing your ideas.

Anita Choudhary, Indirapuram.

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