Interesting and disappointing at the same time

Your library articles in the August 2008 issue, especially the ones discussing the experiences of two different organisations in taking libraries to people in two different settings, were very interesting and informative.

However, I can’t say the same about Last Word. The insensitivity with which the author has discussed the cases of people trying hard to communicate in English was very disappointing. Today, knowing English and being able to speak it fluently has become the means by which you measure a person’s standing in society and when you are not exposed to the language from childhood, what can you do but approach the “institutes” that promise to teach it.

I understand that Last Word is meant for light reading, but if the article found a place in Teacher Plus it should have promised some substance for teachers. Hope the message of the article has not been understood as “English is the legacy of few elites and others better not attempt to mess with it”.

Shikha Sharma, Bangalore.

Intellectual treat

Just one word can be used to describe your magazine – brilliant. The issue that I read was an intellectual and visual treat. Most of the articles were splendid. I hope you will continue with this freshness and enthusiasm in all your issues. I really liked your magazine. It is like an all-rounder in the field of education because it covers all topics and needs. It helped me know the answers to many questions I had in mind on different things. I truly enjoyed reading it and I wish you all the best in the future with all your issues.

Vasiliki Rachel, Dubai.

A mistake

I just got the copy of your Teacher Plus Teachers’ day Special.

I was sad to note that you have punctuated the word Teachers’ Day wrongly in many places starting from the cover. We don’t write it as Teacher’s day. It should be Teachers’ day. The apostrophe should come after the s. We don’t say child’s day, do we? We say Children’s day.

The word was wrongly written in colourful posters in many pages as well.

B O Sebastian, Kerala.

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