Instant appeal
I happened to chance upon the magazine Teacher Plus at the British Institute for Learning Development. Normally I am not a big fan of magazines. I just flip through them. But your magazine instantly appealed to my sensibilities. Your articles really struck a chord. Thank you. I am sure such articles will certainly be beneficial in many ways for educationists who empower the coming generation. I look forward to reading more articles that ignite the spark in everyone to do something special in the field of education.

Diana Muscat, Dubai.

Innovative ideas
I liked the July issue of Teacher Plus. The innovative ideas inspired me a lot. More teachers need to explore themselves through this magazine. It will help them unite in a special way to exchange their ideas and share their views and turn their profession into something meaningful.

I have a suggestion: An article by Sudha Murthy will add value to the magazine.

Akila, Hosur, Karnataka.

Storehouse of information
I work as a Mathematics teacher in an International school in Hyderabad. I started reading your magazine and found it very interesting and creative. I am much pleased to see the kind of articles you publish. Being a teacher in Mathematics I am always interested in finding new methods to teach the subject. I have gleaned several new ideas from your magazine and I believe other teachers have done the same.

Ramesh, Hyderabad.

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