Never a dull moment
I am not a regular reader of your magazine, but happened to come across it. I must confess that I read it with great interest. The articles and all your regulars are not to be missed. Most of the articles were very informative and I hope all people in the field of education read it thoroughly. I was told by my colleague that there is never a dull moment reading Teacher Plus as there is always something fresh and varied in it. Your magazine offers advice and inspiration about a range of subjects that will help educationists get the most out of their profession. Keep up the good work.

Elizabeth Motwatle, Dubai.

Worth reading
I wish to express my happiness for being one of the readers of your popular monthly, which is worth reading as it enhances the confidence and creativity of a teacher to make the class more effective and interesting.

Ramya Deepika Aluri, Kakinada.

An educative magazine
I had the pleasure of reading through the April and May issues of Teacher Plus. It pleases the eye to begin with and reinforces the idea that small is (in this case the size) beautiful. The editorial board’s reach and depth is laudable. Allow me to say your journal helps transform literates into educated. At least those who care to read.

Jyotsna Subbarayudu, Hyderabad.

I chanced upon a issue of Teacher Plus at my workplace. I just have to convey that it had me hooked instantly. I was mesmerised by all the articles and rest assured, I will attempt to read the back issues during my vacations. Thanks for a fantastic read.

Ruwan Azar, Dubai.

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