Counsel the adults first

Children are largely guided by the adults in their lives – the parents and the teachers. As a mental health professional I feel it is essential to talk to these adults in order to reach out to the children. To help a child realise himself, we have to first help the adult recognise his/her concerns, and deal with emotions such as anxiety and anger. Once the parents and teachers are less stressed, I am sure that the children will themselves be less stressed and have better lives.

Anjum Khan, Hyderabad.

Why I don’t read ‘teacher magazines’

I was once asked if I read teacher magazines. My reply was ‘No, I do not, because I seem to have too many interests’. And that, apparently is not too good a thing? A teacher must be seen all the time trying to update herself professionally. I beg to differ.

While it is wonderful to be a teacher and have a class full of eager young children raring to learn, reality hits you when you start teaching a class of 45 young kids, each with different needs. Believe me, they are a treat, sweet, sour and bitter all rolled into one; like wet cement if you please, just waiting for you to go in there and make them into Davids (educationally, mentally and physically).

And where does that leave you at the end of the day? Tired, mentally stressed out. And you realise you still have the note books to correct, make lesson plans and draft question papers. As a wife, mother and homemaker, how much time do you have for yourself? Speaking for myself, very little, and you want me to read a teacher magazine? Standard reply, “Sorry, no time”, the same I say to my kids and husband. And, excuse me, I want to get away from it all even if it is only for a few minutes.

So, teacher magazines? No thank you. I need time for myself.

Rajyalakshmi Marty, Hyderabad.

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