Much too urban
I read the Teacher Plus Dec 07 issue. I feel that the magazine reflects the tastes, world view, etc, of a well meaning metro city upper middle class teacher. Even with English as a medium, perhaps it could change a little to include small town middle class world view as well. This needs more discussion of course.

N Sreekumar, Hyderabad.

Useful resource

Introducing worksheets along with the magazine is a great idea. I must say I welcomed it. The first one on birds will be a useful resource when we take students to bird sanctuaries as well as during our classroom teaching.

Also, we really liked the article by Cheryl Rao on the A to Zee of a class magazine. Normally, students do not get to read this magazine but such articles are handy for teachers as they can be used as a sample to be shown to students.

Anita Choudhary, Delhi.

A good break

I really enjoyed the section titled ‘Tea break’ in your March 2008 issue. Finding mistakes in the ads was fun. In fact, this section helped spark off an idea. I have asked my students to collect clippings or take photos of ads that have mistakes in them and make a scrap book. At the end of the year we will have a large collection of funny ads. This will be both a learning and enjoyable experience. Thank you, Teacher Plus.

Sangeetha Ghosh, Jabalpur.

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