Not quite poster material
I have two comments to make regarding your January issue: one, the poster was a total let-down. It was neither poster material, nor aesthetic, and was just a pale shadow of Mad’s ‘Snappy answers to stupid questions’.

Two, the article “I plagiarise, therefore I am’ seemed redundant because the editorial also spoke about the same issue. And I felt the tone of the article (‘the know-all writers/editors’) would only discourage people from writing for Teacher Plus… which is not in the best interest of the magazine.

Sadhana Ramchander, Hyderabad.

Too harsh on teachers
I went through your January issue and I think just too much is being made of plagiarism. I agree it is an important and crucial issue but the Last Word by Pawan Singh is uncalled for. The article is too harsh on teachers and is written without giving a thought to whether we need to criticise teachers or educate them on plagiarism. Let’s not forget that schools and teachers in India are still on a learning curve. I have been associated with Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Education for over 6 years now and have clearly realised that teachers and schools need to be educated about technology.

As a magazine for teachers, your role should be to educate, educate and educate. Maybe all these instances were not intentional. Let’s treat teachers as learners only. Maybe a better approach could have been adopted in the article.

I am hurt because I have great regard for the teacher community and I work very closely with them.

Narinder Bhatia, Gurgaon.

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